The Stronghold is essentially a home base for the player

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The Stronghold is essentially a home base for the player

ViestiKirjoittaja cuyuay36612 » Ti Heinä 19, 2022 9:26 am

Outside of all the fighting, which there is plenty of it, Lost Ark has a variety of role-play and lifestyle elements to play with. For example, life Skills. Life Skills can include fishing, mining, logging and gathering plants Lost Ark Gold. Similar to Combat Skills, each Life Skill is unique in its abilities and characteristics.

As with all aspects in Lost Ark, Life Skills feels fully fleshed-out. Fishing is a relaxing and enjoyable experience which has made it one of my top fishing minigames of recent times. The process of cutting down forests and mining rare minerals can be fascinating, and I'd sort of lose myself when I was in the groove. These Life Skills are necessary in that the materials they produce are required to create and complete various tasks within your Stronghold.

The Stronghold is essentially a home base for the player, an island that they can design and name to their liking. It's where you research and the majority of your crafting. There are even NPC characters that live here and offer Quests, as well as vendors who travel to offer you items of a rare nature.

Researching, designing new equipment and products as well as sending your crew on missions requires a considerable amount of time. It can take several real-life hours, as a matter of fact. This is why I got into routine of beginning the more difficult tasks later in the evening and when I was close to finishing my game. That way, when I returned the following day I was greeted by new rewards and unlocks that I had earned from my previous missions, it's a great gameplay element that goes well with the many other tasks you're constantly playing within Lost Ark.

Anyone who wants to get a bit closer to the characters of Arkesia are able to do this by building rapport with the characters. This can be accomplished by offering gifts, performing specific emotes or doing Rapport Quests Cheap Lost Ark Gold. As your bond with your character improves and they become more fond of them, giving you access to items that are special and Quests.

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